Getting to the roots: #OccupyToronto and elsewhere

This blog is produced by some anarchists in Southern Ontario with the intention of crafting an anti-state, anti-capitalist analysis of the Occupy Wall Street spinoffs cropping up across the continent.

In our own backyard, the Occupy Toronto organizers remind us that “radical” means “getting to the root.” We couldn’t agree more. We want to identify and discuss what we see as the roots of capitalism– roots that seem to be overlooked by the Occupy movement– like police, prisons, borders, and colonialism, to name a few. We wish to lend this analysis to a conversation with both anarchists and the Left about tactics and strategies that can help move our struggle forward.

There’s reason to be optimistic about the potential for these Occupations to make space for all sorts of people to express their anger, their autonomy and their desires, and explore what opposing capitalism and creating alternatives might look like.

See you in the streets,

Some Southern Ontario Anarchists


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