Capitalism & Class Struggle Pamphlet

C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

-WuTang Clan

Print Version of pamphlet available Here

Web Reading Version of the pamphlet available Here

Capitalism cap•i•tal•ism n.

The economic system which dominates the world at present is called capitalism, a system based on the self-expansion of capital – commodities and money making more commodities and more money.
This doesn’t happen by magic, but by human labour. For the work we do, we’re paid for only a fraction of what we produce. The difference between the value we produce and the amount we’re paid in wages is the “surplus value” we’ve produced. Our work is stored up in the things our bosses own and sell—capital.
In order for this to take place, a class of people must be created who don’t own anything they can use to make money i.e. offices, factories, farmland or other means of production. This class must then sell their ability to work in order to purchase essential goods and services in order to survive. This class is the working class.

Class StruggleClass Struggle class strug•gle n.

When we are at work, our time and activity is not our own. Work takes up the majority of our lives and there is a constant struggle between bosses and workers at work, and in the rest of the society based on work. The more we pay in rent or bus fare, the more we have to work to pay our rent or bus fare.
Work being forced on us like this compels us to resist.
The conflict between those of us who have to work for a wage and our bosses and governments is sometimes known as class struggle.
Most of us spend our time working and are just getting by, while the owners, who are mostly rich, profit off our work. All the communities and institutions of society are built up around this basic division.
The fact that this society is divided into classes with opposing interests means there is always a risk of conflict. The government is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Whether the government is a dictatorship or a democracy, it holds all the power and will use it against its own population to make sure that we keep going to work.
By resisting the imposition of work, we say that our lives are more important than our boss’s profits. This attacks the very nature of capitalism, where profit is the most important reason for doing anything, and points to the possibility of a world without classes.
We are the working class resisting our own existence, struggling against work and class.

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