Anarchist Discussion on Cooperation with the State

No Compromise: Taking Space Without Permission

This flyer has writings about not compromising ourselves further through cooperation with the State.

Here are some quotes:

“We gain momentum in struggle when people see our unwillingness to compromise – we become dignified, empowered, and attractive to the discontented. We become an uncontrollable collective force that instills fear in the system – the police realize when they fuck with us, it’s on.”

“If we do not wish to find ourselves in a world where no one really lives, where no one really knows anyone else, where everyone has become a mere cog in a machine meshing with other cogs but remaining truly alone, then we must have the strength to attack alienation in every way we can. Otherwise, we may just find there is no place left where we can meet face to face.”

It is relevant everywhere, not only Southern Ontario.

Print and distribute freely! click the link below.

No Compromise Flyer

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